Yvonne Stennicke Larsen

Yvonne Stennicke Larsen (she/her/hers), is the administrator for Foundation Beyond Belief‘s Humanist Action program in Ghana. Originally from the Volta Region of Ghana, at an early age she was driven to expand her knowledge of the world through music, books, and movies. She is still very passionate about music and credits that love for her humanistic perception of the world.

After graduating from high school, Yvonne studied graphic design for a year and worked as a secretary for a small company in Accra before taking a short course in child care and working as a nanny in Saudi Arabia. She also spent a year in South Africa working again as a nanny and touring the country. During that time, she joined the Durban Freethinkers of SA, which led naturally to her joining the Humanist Association of Ghana when she moved to Accra a couple of years ago.

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