Sunny Secular

Sunny Secular (she/her/hers) was born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. She left at age 19, and then dabbled in other religions/denominations such as Baptist, Rastafarian, ATR, the occult, paganism, Taoism, and Wicca before finally accepting her identity as a Humanist and Atheist.

Sunny is a YouTube creator, website owner, and the host of the Secular Minority podcast, where she talks about humanist topics, what’s trending in social media, and interviews with people who have left religion. Her first Humanist video aired in 2019 on YouTube, and the Secular Minority podcast aired in April of 2020. In 2022, Sunny added co-host Fionna to the podcast, and before COVID, she volunteered with the Humanist Society of Phoenix, AZ to feed the homeless. Sunny has also appeared on other channels such as Neal the 604 Atheist & The Atheist Round Table.

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