Our speakers were chosen with thoughtful consideration. 

We deemed it important to choose women who have a voice, an effort, a platform in real time-women who are ON THE GROUND reaching communities, particularly women, and not serving self interests. We sought out women who are doers, not complainers.  We chose women (some not all) who have worked diligently and quietly worked in the background.  These women often go unnoticed.

It is easy to choose women who are regularly featured on the secular speaker circuit.  We decided to take a different route as it is imperative to share the gift we, The Collective, have received on our individual secular paths…our platforms.

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   Tania Gerard
  Yolanda Arroyo-Pizarro
   Cheryl Abram
  Candace Gorham
  Hiba Krisht
      Zulma Oliveras-Vega
       Cynthia McDonald
          Yvonne Nyahe
   Madison Paige
      Kavin Senapathy



See you in Chicago (or online) in September!!!