Hiba Krisht



Hiba Krisht is a writer, editor, and translator from Beirut. She was raised in one of the most insular and conservative Shiite Muslim communities in the world and apostated from the faith ten years ago. As a volunteer activist with The Ex-Muslims of North America, she has spoken about the intersections of Islam, Middle Eastern politics, and women’s rights at secular humanist events all over the country. She is particularly passionate about advocacy surrounding Muslim modesty doctrine as an ex-hijabi who covered for 15 years starting from the age of 8. Her retired blog, Between A Veil and A Dark Place, was hosted on the Freethought Blogs network, and its archives can still be found in The Ex-Muslim at www.theexmuslim.com.
Hiba holds an M.A. in philosophy from the American University of Beirut. Her academic specialty is political secularism and practical reason, but she has also taught ethics, logic, writing, gender studies, and political science in U.S. and Lebanese universities. As a technical translator and editor, she consults with the World Bank on several educational development projects for Arab governments. She also translates and edits excerpts from the Arabic language presses for Mideast Mirror, a daily newspaper in translation.
Her writing appears in literary journals such as The Kenyon Review, Blackbird, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and Mizna, among others. She is a recipient of the 2016 Rebecca Mitchell Tarumoto Short Fiction Prize from Virginia Commonwealth University, the 2013 JoAnn Athanas Memorial Award in literature from the National Society of Arts and Letters, and the 2012 Jane Foulkes Malone Fellowship from Indiana University. She has been interviewed about her life and work for VICE, the Humanist Hour, and BBC radio, among others.