Join us September 25-27, 2020 by registering at bottom of page!

WOCBB’s Mission Statement

“The Women of Color Beyond Belief Conference was created to achieve the following goals:

*To highlight the social justice work of women of color within the secular community.
*To provide an intersectional vision of women of color leadership and activism in secularism.
*To create more inclusive opportunities in secular organizing, policy and practice.
*To foster an environment of encouragement, growth, and sustainability.

Panels, presentations, workshops and performances will cover the following topics:
*Church-state separation activism
*Religion in marginalized communities
*Violence against women
*Feminism, anti-racism and racial justice action
*LGBTQI and queer rights
*Reproductive justice
*Sexual expression and liberation
*Organizing techniques and secular community building
*Secular humanist childrearing in PoC communities
*Combatting “isms” and creating safe spaces in the secular community
*Marijuana legalization and decriminalization